Exhibition June/July 2018
YOUNG ART VIENNA – A Fine Selection

Opening: Thursday 21.6.2018, 18.30
Duration: 22.6.-24.8.2018
Art Area Brotfabrik, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna


Eight young positions from Vienna with surreal elements of different kinds in various pictorial approaches.

Participating Artists:
Naomi Devil, Annika Friedrich, Sigmund Hutter, Frlorine Imo, Maxstein,
Leo Mayr, Paul Robas



The exhibition YOUNG VIENNA SURREAL at KOLJA KRAMER GALLERY presents young positions from Vienna with a certain degree of surreal athmosphere of different kinds. The artworks range from obvious surrealistic pictures to various surreal elements up to works in which irritating somethings in otherwise realistic pictures is going on which makes the artwork, certain areas or specific details appear as somehow unreal or beyond what we consider to be `normal´. A somehow weird composition or colouring, staffage, situation, expression or a somehow strange content or form or perspective of objects and beings is what we experience in the artworks of this exhibition – in some artworks more evident and noticeable at first glance then in others where only the little unexplicable irritation can be felt.
All exhibited works are figurative and flatworks – with the exception of one figurative position that also includes scultpure which is closely related to and important for the paintings of this position.
The works can be narrative figurative pictures up to approaches in which the figurative is almost dissappearing or changing or developing into a different context or form – often into an expanded space where habitual views and limitations of our daily experience of our normal, logic, time and space are not playing the major role. On the contrary – the abnormal, the different view of the world, the expressions of sensible inner states of the not openly visible and measurable is expressed –  the phantastic, the visionary, the day- or night-dream-like, the different perspective in which realiy is different, distorted is depicted. The production of and reaction to something like this can be irritating, disturbing, shocking, grotesque, humourous, suggestive, provocative, inventive, surprising –  both for the producer, the artist, and the recipient, the public – which creates a powerful base for reflection, self-reflection, questioning our habitual world view and the arise of something new in our minds and daily lives. With the exponats at this exhibition YOUNG VIENNA SURREAL the sureal views of eight young artists from Vienna has been given space and reality.

Participating artists in

Naomi Devil

Annika Friedrich

Sigmund Hutter

Florine Imo

Fabian Köttl


Leo Mayr

Paul Robas