Művészvilág: Közelképben Naomi Devil [Art World: close-up Naomi Devil]

This biographical video presents the artist Naomi Devil.
Published: 13.07.2019

Kolja Kramer Fine Arts: Naomi Devil Exhibition

Vernissage: 29.05.2019
Published: 30.05.2019

Creative process of the painting Opera Ball

The video shows the creative process of the painting Opera Ball (oil on canvas, 130cmx110cm)

Published: 30.05.2019

Naomi Devil Különter(m)ek Kiállítás a Műcsarnokban 2019

Műcsarnok — Kunsthalle, Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
Különter(m)ek [Spaces (ap)art] exhibition 2019
Naomi Devil
Curator of the exhibition: Zoltán Rockebauer
Hungarian Academy Arts (MMA)
Long Music Production
Published: 09.05.2019

Grand Hotel Vienna: Naomi Devil & Maximilian Otte Exhibition, Vernissage

Language:English, German
Naomi Devil & Maximilian Otte
Hungary and Austria — Yesterday and Today
Exhibition in Grand Hotel Vienna
Vernissage 24.04.2019
Published: 25.04.2019

Különter(m)ek [Spaces (ap)art] Naomi Devil, Marcel Német:

Language:Hungarian / Subtitle: English
Műcsarnok — Kunsthalle, Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
Különter(m)ek [Spaces (ap)art] exhibition 2019
Naomi Devil, Marcel Németh
Video: Lili Detvay, György Márió Kővári
Published: 21.03.2019

Tűsarok [Stiletto heels]:

Stiletto heels with Barbara Orosz:
Interview with Ildikó Benkő, owner of the Art2Day Gallery in Budapest, about the relationship between art and fashion
Naomi Devil’s paintings can be seen in the background
Recorded: 02.12.2018
Published: 04.12.2018

XY Modem

MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center, Debrecen, Hungary
XY – New Generation Polish and Hungarian painting
17th June 2017. – 20th August 2017.
Published: 03.01.2018

Hétvégi Belépő [Weekend Tickets] TV Program

Interview: Naomi Devil (Noémi Ördög)
TV Program: Weekend Tickets (Hétvégi Belépő) 27. 02.2017.
M5 Television
This video and audio content is the exclusive property of M5 television. All rights reserved.
Reporter: Koltay Anna
Published: 12.04.2017


Kalocsa TV: coverage of Naomi Devil’s exhibition titled Hedonati at the City Gallery in Kalocsa from 26.02-26-03.2016
Published: 29.02.2016

Qualisoft Exhibition Vernissage

Vernissage of the exhibition Digitalism — Art and Innovation at the Qualisoft Software Company in Vienna, 25th June 2015
Qualisoft Production
Published: 09.07.2015


Naomi Devil interview
Duna Television
TV Program: Kultikon — a cultural show
Editor and reporter: Zoltán Buzási
Published: 20.02.2015

D1 TV Kortárs Korzó:

Naomi Devil interview
D1 TV Program:  Kortárs Korzó (Contemporary Promenade)
Published: 11.07.2014


Vernissage of the exhibition Naomi Devil: Virtaura
Gallery Próféta, Budapest
Recorded: 20.03.2014
Cinematographer: Zsuzso Koszti
Published: 26.03.2014