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“Neither the purely abstract nor the hyper-realistic are her approach. This realism that is interpreted with her unique and individual style dissolves in a realistically but not objectively depicting world. She chooses cut-outs from her immediate environment and transforms them into another colour palette. Commonplace things released from their original context appear in new relations.
Her unique perspective on young people, their coexistence and culture and on the informational age that she expresses in her works of art offers for the viewer new viewpoints at well-known phenomena in order to show their uniqueness in a fresh light by their dissociation from existing contexts.”  Olivia Harrer, Pro Arts Magazin

“She is a figurative painter. I think this can be seen even by the blind. She is a figurative painter in her unique fledgling like, girlish manner which is typical of her. Her characters do not tell stories and do not go into the depths, as we are accustomed to see it at abstractly thinking great masters of the figurative stile but they flatter in the wind following Naomi’s playful, girlishly mature and immature spirit.” Antal István Juszuf opening speech

“And there she is Naomi Devil, the annoyingly young Hungarian painter, in front of us in complete professional armament. Flexible brush handling, perfect compositions, a distinctive colour palette, accompanied by professional marketing, a saleable name, a logo-like signature, a website with a blog, and several exhibitions.” Gábor Rieder, Artportal

“Large canvases feature life-size figures and strong, even loud colors. Their message is almost roaring. These breathtaking images are created by a young lady whose fragile filigree stature is inversely proportional to the weight of her art.” Astrid Killinger, Marbacher Zeitung

“Despite her young age, she is able to view the world from outside, and her vision goes far beyond his contemporaries. In her work, she not only expresses the personal problems and aspects of the individual, but also creates new personality, social perceptions and value systems.” Fruzsina Kigyós opening speech

“The sarcastic world of her imagination makes you think and laugh. Each scene has an intelligently expressed opinion and the artist’s honest, informed and crazy style chains us to her” Dorottya Varga, art manager

“Her way of painting and subject matter, that evokes the Golden Age, is an iconic and bold move beyond tradition. She deconstructs her heroes, whose divine and human dignity shines through the pictures, but something flick, spit is always in this mysterious world.” Abafáy-Deák Csillag, Irodalmi Centrifuga

“Naomi Devil breaks through walls, interlacing past and present. She combines them, they are inseparable. The artist humiliates, walks on earth, looks up to heaven, does not save her own soul, becomes the devil if she needs to.” Lajos Kölüs, Irodalmi Centrifuga

“Noemi boldly blends the visual world of classical paintings with today’s pop-cultural elements, pushing boundaries and doing it – as her artist name suggests – in a devilish way.” Opening speech by journalist Dénes P. Szabó

“At first, the eye cannot capture every detail of the painting, it has to travel through the surface. Because the devil hides in the details, in the best sense.” Zoltán Rockenbauer curator Mücsarnok Budapest

“Naomi Devil’s paintings remind me of the sophisticated world of Vogue. Her unique visual culture, technical know-how and vibrant color palette are as exciting as contemporary fashion photography can bring.” Judit Hangyál, Műcsarnok Blog

“the artist feels at home in the whole world, but Naomi Devil is more than just a citizen of the world who is at home everywhere : She is a transforming artist who always redefines her environment and herself. Hurry comes from the devil, says an ancient Egyptian saying. Naomi Devil knows no rest. She is a time traveler of virtual reality, a brave experimenter, a skilled futurist. Her studio is a humorous, ironic – nomen est omen – devilish experimenting workshop of new possibilities in painting. ” Opening speech by Anzelm Bárány, Director of Collegium Hungaricum

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